Introduce a friend?

Introduce a friend new to Arboreal and you and your friend could eat, cocktail or coffee for 25% each off your bill. That’s basically half price for your friend!


We hope you enjoy the Arboreal experience, we work hard to deliver specialty food, coffee and cocktails to all of our lovely customers. To say a BIG thank you and show how much we value our customers we’d like you to share the experience with a friend who can enjoy with you our lovely food and drink for 25 percent off.


After all spreading the word on wood-oven delights, specialty coffee and cocktails can’t be a bad thing. All you need to do is introduce a friend! So bring in a friend who has never been before and enjoy your favourite brunch, lunch or supper using this great offer and let us look after you.


Our recommend a friend voucher redeems you and your friend a 25% off from your next Arboreal bill. The only thing we ask is that the person you bring has never been in before!

Terms and conditions apply


A recommend a friend voucher can only be redeemed once. It applies to a maximum of 2 no. of persons. The voucher is available to use in July 2019 only. This voucher is not redeemable on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sundays), it can be only used Tuesday to Thursdays all day and all night on our regular brunch and evening menu. To be eligible to receive this special offer your friend will need to be a new customer and will have to register himself/herself as a guest on to the arboreal WiFi.  The new guest must bring their own smartphone to be eligible to claim.

Don't have a voucher yet? Don't worry if you're new registering to the Arboreal WiFi you'll receive a voucher in our next mailing. Keep an eye out for this.

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