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Summer's coming, let's go alfresco. Dine with us.

Summer's coming and inspiring our menus.

With these lovely longer days amongst us we’ve made some exciting menu changes!

Delicious Moules Marinieres, summer inspired pastas and we've introduced some outstanding new meats onto the Arboreal wood-oven meats section. We’re now featuring a 12 oz T Bone steak from our amazing butchers and have also included a solo Pork Chop and Rib Rack. In addition we’ve added new dips and sauces for your meats to inspire you with world flavours. Making guest appearances we have chimichurri and kimchi and honey dipping sauces.

Chimichurri originates from South America and balances steaks perfectly – fabulous too with all wood-oven meats. It’s made from chilli’s, coriander, red wine vinegar, parsley, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper, olive oil! Gimme is what we say, a must try.

Korean inspired Kimchi – rich in vitamins (A and C) is so good for you. Super tasty and again tastes fantastic with wood-oven meats. A tangy and tasty superfood.

Don’t worry we’ve kept the Arboreal best sellers on too – a big yes to the chicken tikka flatbread and the homemade gourmet Arboreal Burger. Coupled with all our delicious brunch and breakfast options. Oh and nearly forgot something - all our wood-oven sourdough pizzas and flatbreads.

Great choices all made from scratch in our homely and approachable open kitchen. Talk to our friendly chefs anytime.

See our menu on

Mid week, enjoy our two and three course menus starting from £11.95 at lunch and £15.95 at supper time. Don't mind if I do!

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