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What’s fuelling your addiction? At the moment Coffee is ours.

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

 E1 Project El Salvador from Clifton Coffee
Green Beans E1 Project El Salvador from Clifton Coffee

So we’ve been open for a while, working on all elements of our independent business. But over the last few months we’ve devoted some extra special time to coffee. Along our journey we’ve learnt lots of new things, but most interestingly the main difference being between specialty coffee and coffee served as.... just a hot drink.

Eager to learn more... What did this all mean exactly? Well, so many things really – like measuring your grind every time you make a coffee! Like timing the pour of your double shot through your coffee machine. Tasting the difference when these measurements weren’t met was unbelievable. How could all these variables make such a difference?

Well, they really do and diverting away from specialty measurements can mean your coffee tastes bitter rather than oozing chocolate notes, golden syrup and all the rest your chosen beans are going to present. So baring this in mind the attention to detail on every coffee made creates a special process. It’s mesmerising - and now to some a form of meditation!

We're building our skill set to serve a very mindful cup of coffee. The coffee market is evolving and changing all the time. We approached Clifton Coffee Roasters for some guidance. And our journey evolved.

They have an extraordinary range of products ranging from various regions. We opted for their E1 Project EL SALVADOR established in 2015 and Clifton’s first direct trade program. Their story’s inspiring and the partnership working behind the scene is a very interesting one.

Now we're perfecting our latte art every day – and are super keen to understand what our customers think!?

Other products launching are Canton’s speciality teas and Blendsmiths Beetroot and Turmeric Latte. Alternative milk recommended is oat. Mix all of this with one of our brunches or delicious cakes and admire our new Loveramics ceramics.

Oh and we don’t want you to forget we're furry companion friendly in the first half of our indoor space. That means after a stroll through Cowbridge, what better way to re-energise than with a lovely coffee and watch the world and its dog going by?!

Roasted beans E1 Project El Salvador from Clifton Coffee

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